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From the Ashes - Excerpt

Follow the link to read an excerpt from Into the Night book two, From the Ashes.



I've recently gotten back into photography, and while I haven't had the opportunity to take many/a wide range of photos, I thought I'd share some of my favourites so far.


18-1-15 Yellow Flower 2 - Resize

18-1-15 Pink Flower 1 - Resize

18-1-15 White Flower 3 - Resize

26-10-14 Flower 1 - Resize

A few of my favourite things #2

Okay, so after a lengthy absence I return with another post about a few of my favourite things - aka what I'm currently into/obsessed with right now.

VS Arashi - I totally love this show. It's a variety/game show hosted by Japanese pop idols, Arashi, that screens on SBS2 where I live (hmm, I really do watch a lot of SBS2). It's hilarious. The guys from Arashi are really funny and complete dorks (and a few of them are rather good looking, but that's not the reason I like watching the show... well, maybe a little bit of the reason). Seriously, check it out.

K-pop - I'm really into K-pop right now. I can't believe it took me so long to discover the awesome of it. I've started watching SBS PopAsia every Sunday (there I go with the SBS2 again) and listening to the radio show on the app to get my fix, and I'm slowly discovering all the fantastic music out there.

Holidays - As we all know holidays are great. The whole no working thing is awesome. I usually love just vegging out at home, but recently I went to the Gold Coast for the very first time. By myself, I might add, which was fine by me (I did receive some comments about this from people at places I went to. My favourite was at the Haunted House in Surfers Paradise. The woman at the desk was like 'you're by yourself? If you get scared there are no refunds' - because if you get really scared there are exits to leave through so you don't have to continue with the rest of the haunted house - to which of course my reply was 'I'll be fine.' As I was riding in the elevator to get to the first level of scares I was thinking to myself that perhaps I did make a mistake going in by myself and that it was going to be really scary. Nope. I was pretty much laughing the whole way through. I was like a kid in a candy store, excited by what I would come across next. It was a lot of fun). I kind of needed a holiday after my holiday because I was totally exhausted, but it was awesome and I got to meet these guys.



A few of my favourite things...

Thought I would make a random post about some things I am currently liking/into/obsessed with. Anything from TV shows, books, products, foods, etc. This may even become a regular thing, but we'll see.

So, my favourite things at the moment are:

If You Are The One - This is a Chinese dating show that screens on SBS2 in my neck of the woods. Usually I wouldn't get into dating shows, but it's funny and addictive.

Agave - Had been meaning to try agave for ages and finally did. It's great. I even love it on pancakes.

Beserk - Just discovered www.bererk.com.au - it has so many awesome things and I want to buy them all. Well, mainly the zombie and skull and crossbones stuff.

Fairy Tail - This isn't exactly a new obsession, but I'm going to list it anyway. Finally got around to getting an iPhone and what did I name it...NaLu.


Also, just posted a poem over at my other journal: http://jade-fowler.livejournal.com/11512.html

Nothing much

Just updated over on my other journal. Nothing major, but if you're bored, check it out.


What's happening, hot stuff?

This journal used the be for my horror writing, but I have decided to keep all my writing/book related stuff in the one place. So from now on anything relating to my books and writing (including horror) will be posted at: http://jade-fowler.livejournal.com/

When my writing journal is updated I will post links on here, but this is going to be my non-writing journal, so it will mostly just be random stuff I'll be posting.